Guide to Masters in Marketing degrees is an information hub for master’s degrees in marketing and advertising. Marketing is a business aspect that explores how products and services are communicated to the public or other businesses. Marketing can span several mediums including movies, TV, games, signs, and online environments. Comprehensive programs will explore all of these environments to an extent.

MBA degrees are the most common type of master’s degree in marketing. However, it is possible to earn an MS degree as well as, especially if you want to focus more on teaching or research. Advertising and, to a degree, communication are closely related fields that can offer similar educational experiences.

Kaplan University – Kaplan University is an accredited online school with its origins starting in 1937. Kaplan has over 90 campuses across the US and over 170 programs available. The MBA in Marketing from Kaplan can be completed entirely online from your home in just two years. Classes and assignments can be completed at your convenience.
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Grand Canyon University – Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1949, Grand Canyon University is a private Christian school with both campus and online programs. The MBA in Marketing explores advanced business theories, leadership skills, and how faith can play a role in making moral and responsible business decisions.
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Ashford University – Ashford University is located in Clinton, Iowa, halfway between Des Moines and Chicago. Ashford was founded in 1918 and currently offers 67 programs, including an MBA in Marketing. This program studies the functions of profit and non-profit organizations by looking into daily operations, marketing, advertising strategies, and business models. Ashford University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510-748-9001,
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Southern New Hampshire University – Southern New Hampshire University is located in Manchester and founded in 1932. The school offers 60 undergraduate and graduate programs, some offered online like the MBA or MS in Marketing programs. This is an excellent choice for working professionals who must balance their current careers with their education.
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Types of Master’s Degrees in Marketing

There are many different graduate degrees in marketing. Before you begin you search, decide what area of marketing you are most interested in. In some cases, a student may instead pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in marketing and may go down a similar career path as someone with a master’s degree in marketing. These are just a few of the types of degrees you can pursue in the marketing sector:

  • Master of Marketing Research (MMR)
  • Master of Science Marketing Research (MSMR)
  • Master of Science in Marketing Analysis (MSMA)

Online Marketing Programs – Rankings and Accreditation

Online marketing degrees are not ranked by any official source. However, there are marketing programs that now offer distance learning courses for those seeking their master’s degree. This makes it easier for returning students to schedule classes and balance a full-time job and family. Outside of these conventional schools, there is no ranking system for online masters of marketing degrees. What you want to focus on is finding a program that is accredited by a national or regional organization.

When researching an online program, ask your academic advisor questions about the program’s accreditation. It’s common for schools to be accredited in some programs and not in others. An academic advisor should be comfortable with any questions and give honest answers about any program at their school. This is your primary concern when finding a master’s program in marketing as you want your degree to assist with expanding your career options and earning potential.

Transferring Online Degree Credits

Each school allows a different amount of credit hours to be transferred between programs, and some may not even allow transfers entirely. Always consult the potential school when transferring programs, as you want to make sure the switch is worth doing. In some cases, it will cost more money and time to catch up at a new program, so be prepared for these things if you switch schools mid-way through a master of marketing degree.

Popular Careers in Marketing

There are many career options for marketing majors. You can pursue advertising, brand management, consulting, communications, just to name a few. While obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you might have some exposure to a specific niche in the marketing industry that appeals to your interests. This will help you narrow your focus when looking at graduate schools.

It’s important to make sure the school you decide to attend provides the education necessary to secure a position in your field. The list below is just a snapshot of the many subfields in marketing:

  • Advertising – Advertising is an industry that employs those with a marketing background of every level. With a master’s degree, you may be eligible for mid- and top-level marketing positions. These can be high paying jobs, but also require exceptional organizational skills and creativity.
  • Brand management – Brand management is a huge sector of the marketing industry that involves everything from building a brand to maintaining the brand’s image or revamping a brand. Those working in brand management should have leadership skills and a knack for knowing how the public will respond to a product or promotion.
  • Public relations – Those working in public relations work in every facet of marketing. There are PR positions for marketing people, products and places. It’s important to know this is a very fast-paced industry and growth depends on the immediate market you’re in. In some areas it is a very in-demand job, while in others it is a limited field.

Average Salaries for Marketing Graduates

When it comes to salary, there are a few factors to consider. Location, experience, employer type, and educational background can greatly influence your earning potential. Give some thought to where you want to work and what type of employer most interests you to discover how much you could be earning with your new degree: 

  • Advertising – The salary for those in advertising varies greatly due to the many facets of this industry. Working in the mail room, which is where many get their start, may only pay a couple hundred dollars per week or college credit. As an advertising executive, one can earn much more and depending on how successful your campaigns and branding messages are, could delve into the high six figures. It is difficult to get an average salary for those working in advertising because of the many levels involved.
  • Brand management – Those working in brand management can earn pretty healthy salaries. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers earned a reported $126,190 in May of 2010. The salary made from this position relies great only on the size of company you’re working with. Working in brand management for a local appliance store in a rural town will pay far less than working for a major soda brand in New York City.
  • Public relations – Like advertising, there are many levels of working in PR. From entry level positions to those who run their own agencies, pay varies depending on the PR position you hold, responsibilities involved and location. This list at shows the average salary for many different PR positions including Director of Public Relations and Technical Writer.

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