Cinco de Mayo: 12 Innovative Margarita Recipes to Try

A margarita is a simple cocktail that is oh-so-refreshing! Whether you crank up the heat in your apartment in an attempt to make yourself feel like you’re in the tropics or you’re enjoying the drink on a patio on a breezy summer day, the margarita is a classic drink. In recent years the drink has had a serious comeback with a thousand and one variations that make it a little more sweet or a little more spicy, and here are a few of the recipes to shake up your margarita mix.

    1. Cranberry Margarita Need a way to make your favorite drink a little more holiday friendly? Throw some cranberries in it! Cranberry puree adds depth to the color and taste of this delicious margarita.

    2. Avocado Margarita Indulge this cool, rich margarita that is sure to surprise even the most seasoned margarita drinkers. The combination of lime and avocados are just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer day.

    3. Apricot Margarita Add major sweetness to the standard margarita with apricot nectar. It’s an sweet flavor that will be unexpected compared to the usual strawberry or mango flavors used.

    4. Coco Margarita This unique margarita will take your mind to the tropics. A combination of pineapple juice and cream of coconut create an ultra sweet margarita that will make you feel like you’re on the beach.

    5. Mighty Margarita A potent combination of gold tequila and Tabasco Green Pepper sauce will make your taste buds come alive. This one’s not for margarita newbies! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how amazing this unique margarita tastes and how easy it is to whip up for a crowd.

    6. Watermelon Margaritas Sweeten up your next party with a pitcher of these margaritas. Sugar and watermelon chunks are combined for a delicious drink that works well with or without tequila.

    7. Prickly Pear Margaritas This recipe calls for prickly pear syrup (though prickly pear-infused tequila can be used too), which adds new dimension to the standard margarita. It’s definitely a recipe for those who love to tickle their taste buds with new flavors.

    8. Diabetic Margarita Recipe This is a simple margarita recipe that diabetics can enjoy. Keep in mind that alcohol does convert to sugar once it’s in your body, so while there’s no sugar in this recipe, diabetics should limit their alcohol intake.

    9. Creamsicle Margarita Recipe Swap dessert for this dreamy, creamy margarita. The vanilla ice cream makes this feel like the most indulgent cocktail we’ve ever had. This is one you want to blend little by little to avoid a soupy consistency.

    10. Jello Margarita This fabulous margarita recipe is ideal for a get-together. A new take on Jello shots, this recipe is refreshing, light and incredibly easy to make in large batches for a big shindig.

    11. Chocolate Margarita Get decadent with this chocolate margarita. The recipe also calls for orange juice and the blogger suggest rimming your glass with crushed Oreos for even more chocolate goodness.

    12. Blackberry Mint Margarita This one is a must-try and works well for a brunch or anytime you’re entertaining. Tart tequila, sweet blackberries and the freshness of mint are a winning combination that will satisfy every party-goer.

For more margarita inspiration, check out Margarita Blog. Penned by an Austinite searching for the best margaritas in town. Her stops at drink stops on both ends of the spectrum are sure to make you think about margaritas beyond top shelf tequila and lime